Creative Economy Toolkit

The New Hampshire Creative Communities Network is pleased to present the Creative Economy Toolkit, an online and print resource to help New Hampshire communities raise awareness about the Creative Economy and its benefits.

Faced with increasingly tighter budgets and limited resources, municipalities, arts organizations, arts advocates, and artists themselves are challenged to further the important work of bringing the arts to citizens, visitors, and all sectors within New Hampshire's communities. The Creative Economy Toolkit is an extensive gathering of local, state and national resources to help community arts organizers, local and regional planners, business leaders, Town and City officials, and economic development professionals understand the connection between the creative industries and community economic vitality.

This toolkit contains useful planning tools, including our new Guide To Creating a Community Arts and Cultural Plan, resources, a glossary of terms and a customizable PowerPoint presentation. These resources may be used separately or together, depending on the particular needs of your community or organization. The Toolkit contains a list of Creative Communities Network members who are available to make presentations to cross sector groups in your community or region, such as planners, chambers of commerce, arts presenters and advocates, economic development and tourism agencies, and municipal leaders.